Taxes, Spending, and Making Ends Meet

Government is necessary and it doesn’t come for free.  Our leaders owe you the most effective and efficient government possible.

You work hard to provide for your family and I know that making ends meet is often a struggle for working families.  My staff and I have had to intervene with banks too many times to help families save their homes from foreclosure.  I will continue to work hard to minimize the burden that paying for essential government services places on you.

I am both progressive on social issues and financially quite conservative.  All of us need to be careful to live within our means, and that includes Government.  During my tenure in the General Assembly, we balanced the budget each year and Maryland’s bonds enjoyed the highest ratings issued by the credit rating agencies.  This keeps our state’s borrowing costs low. That’s why I was among the few legislators to vote against Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker’s proposal to bypass property tax limits imposed by TRIM.

I will continue to support balanced budgets, fiscal restraint and tax fairness.  We need a fair tax system to pay for needed government services.  Corporations and the rich with fancy tax strategies should not escape paying their fair share of the costs of government.  I support progressive taxation and using combined reporting to close corporate tax loopholes.