I have peace of mind knowing that my family has affordable health care and financial security against crippling health care bills.  I want the same for you. As a legislator, I fought to control health insurance premiums, to increase access to Medicare, and for greater Medicaid funding.  We must protect President Obama’s Affordable Care Act because it helped us reduce the number of uninsured Marylanders by tens of thousands.

I’m also proud of my work for Marylanders during nine years in Maryland’s General Assembly. I was the lead sponsor of a law that saves money and improves health care delivery by making medical records digital. That means improved sharing of your health records with your doctors, fewer duplicative tests, and better health care decisions. I have also moved many bills into law dealing with women’s and children’s health, including bills on family planning, access to mammograms, childhood obesity and protecting children from harmful chemicals in infant formula and toys.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation called me “A Leader for Healthy Communities” for my work in childhood obesity prevention.  And the Maryland PTA gave me “Legislator of the Year” honors for my leadership in sponsoring Lauryn’s Law, which provides school counselors with specialized training in recognizing risk factors for suicide.  Good health is a blessing and I will continue to fight for better and more affordable health care for you.