Creating Jobs and Supporting Families

When I was young, there was a period when my family received welfare because my father left and did not make the child support payments.  My mother was proud, but she needed to keep a roof over our heads.  One of her first jobs in the US was sewing in a New York garment district factory.  Later, she worked as a hotel maid.  She taught me that there is dignity in any kind of work well done, and great satisfaction in providing for your family.

America’s middle class is shrinking. It is harder now to find the solid manufacturing and union jobs that pay living wages.  A nation of haves and have-nots is not the kind of nation we Democrats and progressive-minded people should accept.  I voted to increase Maryland’s minimum wage and I believe in increasing the Federal minimum wage.  We need to help people reach their fullest potential.  I support expanding opportunities for minority businesses and promoting successful training programs that lead to jobs in growing fields in the private and public sectors. I oppose laws that weaken unions and I support our federal workers.  They work hard every day serving our nation, but often find themselves subject to politically-driven attacks.

Much needs to be done to repair and rebuild our infrastructure.  Fixing our roads, schools, water and sewer mains and treatment plants, and building the Purple Line light rail from New Carrolton to Bethesda are examples of public infrastructure investments that will repay us many times over the years to come with better and more efficient services.  Let’s get to work.