Schools and Education

Our children deserve our commitment to quality education.  I want our children to reach farther and keep America competitive in a global economy.  We achieve that by supporting our kids with good schools, colleges and universities, and we make that education attainable without putting a mountain of student debt on their backs.  We need to fight to make higher education more affordable.

My words are backed by actions. I’ve fought and succeeded in controlling tuition increases at the University of Maryland as a member of Maryland’s General Assembly.  I also believe that we need to expand programs for career and technical education (CTE), because a high school degree is not enough for many of today’s jobs and a college education is not right for everyone. CTE helps prepare our young people for jobs in high-demand fields that pay wages that can support a family.  I co-sponsored legislation supporting apprenticeship and workforce development programs in Maryland’s secondary schools and community colleges (HB 644, 2009).

Lastly, I support re-building old school facilities.  We need modern, technologically up-to-date, and energy efficient learning centers.  I see it at my kids’ school and you probably have seen it too — “temporary” classroom sheds put in place to address overcrowding, but that have lasted for a decade or more.  Investing in our schools is a wise investment in our kids, and it also provides jobs that we need today.